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Due to its unique design, the SGF dock buffer RAMPEX-PRO is perfectly suited for loading ramps with high loading frequency.

Thanks to its elastic contruction, trucks are docking softer to the loading ramps. This protects the trucks as well as the building structure.

During loading the goods onto the truck, the trailer moves up and down. The SGF dock buffer follows this movement vertically up to ± 50 mm, which avoids damage to the truck buffers. In case of bigger movements, the trailer slides easily along the steel plate.

The patented lamella construction between steel plates allows a significantly longer service life compared to conventional rubber buffers.

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Why choosing RAMPEX-PRO?

Due to the patented lamella construction, you get special benefits compared to pure rubber buffers:

High durability

Due to flexible lamella design between the steel plates


Reduced costs

Due to long service life and lower maintenance costs


Equal load distribution

Due to the higher strength steel plate and the unique construction.

Made in Germany

Made in Germany

Engineered and Manufactured in Germany


The dock buffer is bolted to the existing mounting plate of the loading ramp. Depending on the plate design, the mounting is done with bolts or nuts.
Here are the two possibilities:

Assembly plate with

threaded bolt

Only two nuts with washers are required to fix the dock buffer to the assembly plate with threaded bolts. The nuts and washers are not included in the delivery. The threaded bolt should not be longer than 50 mm.

Assembly plate with threaded bolt

Assembly plate with welded nuts

For mounting the dock bumper to an assembly plate with welded nuts, please use the socket set BI-10030. The bolts and washers are not included in the delivery.

Assembly plate with weld nuts

Before / After

Take a look and find out the difference between conventional rubber buffers and the RAMPEX-PRO!

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Comparison picture-Gummipuffer Comparison picture-RAMPEX-PRO


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